Tail Natural
BreedChocolate Labrador Retriever - German Shepherd Dog
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Ears Natural
Age5 years
LocationWylie Animal Rescue Foundation

Hello! My name is Duke, and despite life's challenges, I'm here to share my boundless love and unwavering spirit with someone special like you. At 5 years young, I may have a touch of arthritis from my past, where I believe I spent a bit too much time in a cramped crate. But don't let that slow you down from getting to know me! I'm still full of life and zest, eager to embark on new adventures and create beautiful memories together. Let me tell you a little about what makes me, well, me! Firstly, I'm a playful soul at heart. Yes, you heard that right! Despite my achy joints, I still revel in the joy of playtime. Whether it's a gentle game of fetch or a leisurely stroll with my beloved toys in tow, count me in! There's nothing quite like the happiness that comes from sharing moments of laughter and joy with a cherished companion. Ah, speaking of strolls, I'm quite the aficionado when it comes to walks. There's something truly magical about exploring the world outside, feeling the fresh air on my fur, and experiencing the wonders of nature. And with a patient and understanding friend like you by my side, every step becomes a little brighter and more enjoyable. Now, let's talk about my toys. Oh, how I adore them! I may have a little collection that I like to carry around with me wherever I go. They're my comfort, my companions, and my source of endless amusement. I promise I'll never leave home without them! Despite life's trials and tribulations, I've never lost my capacity for love and companionship. I'm a loyal and devoted friend who's ready to stand by your side through thick and thin. And while my body may not be as spry as it once was, my heart is as big as ever, brimming with affection and gratitude for the chance to find a forever home with someone as special as you. If you are interested in Duke, please fill out an application and call 775-338-6631 or 775-846-3773.

Unknown with cats
Good with dogs
Good with young children
Current on vaccinations

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