Welcome to our sanctuary! It is situated on our 20-acre property in Stagecoach, Nevada. We have grown by leaps and bounds over the last three years and are thrilled to update you on our progress. Our multipurpose building is complete with seven indoor/outdoor dog kennels, isolation rooms for cats and dogs, and six cat rooms with attached outdoor catio areas. There is also a large play yard where dogs can exercise, meet potential adopters, and just be dogs!

Sanctuary Aerial View Sanctuary Aerial View

Cattery Cattery

Our cattery currently houses 25 cats that came from various unsafe situations, including a parking lot in Reno and a trailer park where the property owner had been putting poison out. In 2023, we hope to build an additional cattery so we can continue providing a safe landing for many more cats.

We are now focusing our construction work on Gately Village, our cabin area for dogs. Thanks to a generous donation from the Gately Foundation, we have eleven additional cabins to add to the two that are already built and in use. We have finished off the interior of five of the cabins and are now beginning to build individual dog yards for each cabin. In the middle of the cabin area, we will have a large enclosed play yard for romping and training, socialization and playtime.

Gately Village Gately Village

Cattery Wild Horse Protection Group

We partnered with the local wild horse protection group, and there is now a water trough outside of our fenced area that we maintain and keep filled with clean water for the wild horses. Some mornings we are treated to dozens of equine visitors drinking from the trough! They are magical animals and we are honored to be able to help them survive in their desert home.

We still continue our monthly volunteer days, and are very grateful for all the time put into improving the sanctuary. As an all-volunteer organization, we are also incredibly grateful for all of our supporters. Come visit us and see our progress!

Meet our local wild horses!

If you are interested in helping us save homeless animals of all species, please consider making a donation to our sanctuary fund using the button below.

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