ColorWhite and Red
Tail Natural
Spayed/Neutered Unknown or N/A
Ears Natural
Age7 years
LocationWylie Animal Rescue Foundation

Meet Marshall, a distinguished Siberian Husky with a heart as boundless as his energy! Marshall was destined for euthanasia at Washoe County and we just couldn't let that happen. At his golden age, Marshall proves that age is just a number, as he still possesses the vigor and enthusiasm of a pup half his age. This charmer is a true gentleman through and through. His affectionate nature knows no bounds, and he showers everyone he meets with love and warmth. Marshall thrives on companionship and cherishes every moment spent in the company of his beloved humans. Marshall's ideal home would be one filled with love, laughter, and plenty of opportunities for fun and excitement. A family who shares his zest for life and can keep up with his spirited antics would be the perfect match for this lively middle-aged boy.

If you are interested in meeting him, please fill out an application at and call 775-338-6631 or 775-846-3773 to arrange a meeting. He will be neutered sometime in February.

Unknown with cats
Good with dogs
Unknown with children
Current on vaccinations

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