Lucy Lou

ColorTan and White Multicolor
Tail Natural
BreedPit Bull Terrier - Yellow Labrador Retriever
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Ears Natural
Age5 years
LocationWylie Animal Rescue Foundation

I’m a lotta Girl — who wants (and gives) a lotta love. Sadly, my owner died and left me an orphan, but his long-time rescue friend took me in. I am TOTALLY a respectful house guest. I don’t get into anything I shouldn’t. I love the dog door access to the yard, and don’t ever try to escape. And, I am fine home alone. But I sure enjoy my people being around too.

Pretty well adjusted if I say so myself. Please have a king size bed because I like to sleep with my person. But if you want me to stay on my bed, I will do your bidding. No problem. Oh, I like to sing with fire engine sirens. You can join in! I like to play with my squeaky toy — or go on short walks.

I have congenital stuff going on but I have learned to compensate well. Geez, been managing fine for 5 years. You will be surprised when you see how I can move!! : > )) — and maybe you will learn something about resilience -- and compensating that works!! And gotta love my underbite smile, and black mascara! Beguiling! I love to tour in the car -- but would appreciate a low riding float boat. My ride used to be a Dodge Charger: I am COOL.

Please give me a chance to charm you! Contact is my foster Mom, Robyn, in Carson City. She will only adopt to local folks and likes to speak with you on the phone, go over your application, and do home visit to see where I would live. She also asks for a donation to WARF — they do such great things for us needy pups. Thank you for reading about me, come meet me! 775-240-5142 phone/text.

Needs home with no cats
Good with dogs
Needs home with no young children
Current on vaccinations

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