ColorBlack and Brown Multicolor
Tail Natural
BreedGerman Shepherd Dog - Husky
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Ears Natural
Age2 years
LocationWylie Animal Rescue Foundation

Meet Rio! A smart, sweet, and interesting mutt! This girl is mix of german shepherd, husky, malinois, samoyed, and rottweiler. Rio is a 2-year-old female bundle of joy with a heart as big as her paws. This playful and smart mix of breeds brings a unique blend of energy and intelligence to every adventure. Rio is the perfect balance of prey-driven excitement and human-loving affection. Rio is not your average pup – she's a quick learner who loves engaging in stimulating activities. From fetching a ball to solving puzzles, Rio enjoys mental challenges and excels in obedience training. She's ready to be your loyal companion in all your adventures. Rio is searching for a forever home that can keep up with her playful spirit. An active family or individual who enjoys outdoor activities and has experience with intelligent, energetic breeds would be a great match for Rio. Due to her prey drive, a home with no other pets or small children, and a securely fenced yard is essential for her safety. If you are interested in meeting Rio, please fill out an application at or call or text 775-846-3773

Needs home with no cats
Good with dogs
Unknown with children
Current on vaccinations

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