ColorBrown - White Multicolor
Tail Natural
BreedWirehaired Terrier - Wire-haired Pointing Griffon (mix)
Ears Natural
Age6 years
LocationWylie Animal Rescue Foundation


Hi all you Fuzzy-Faced Lovers out there. My name is “Murry”. I am as cute as they come!!! And I come in a small 30# something package! I live near San Andreas, CA, just west of Rte 49.

I was adopted when I was a puppy, and grew up with a family of 3 kids, cats, chickens! I am now 6 years old. Life was GOOD. But, one morning I woke up and couldn’t see. I was so disoriented, what happened? My family took me to the Veterinarian, and I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Where did THAT come from? We all worked together and adapted. We are all such Troopers and there is a lot of love here. But, life changed with the COVID thing. The dining room table had to be used for the kids’ computers and homework and papers, so TV trays were set up for meals. And we just couldn’t keep the environment stable, so much hubbub, my world was turned upside down. I started getting anxious, startled more easily. Not their fault, or mine, just happens. And, the other 3 dogs don’t seem to get I am special needs now. They can be so clueless!

My family is worried about me and want to find me a quiet loving home, where I can relax and thrive again. They are looking for someone who is knowledgeable about a diabetic dog like me. I do need insulin twice a day (Novulin). My humans say the insulin and needles cost them about $40-60 a month. That’s not bad, is it? And I am so good about taking the injections: I sit quietly, doesn’t bother me at all. I know it helps me. Oh, and did I forget to say, I am blind. But I can adapt, if someone knows to keep things stable in the household!

I kinda like hanging with the cat — that cat is so considerate and quiet! — likes to be close, is comforting to me. Even the chickens are easy to hang with. I am a friendly guy and LOVE my people and animal housemates. I am a real cuddler (per my photo!). My favorite place is to sit next to (or on) them (or the kitty). I am a quiet laid back kinda Guy when things are copacetic around me. Just want to be my human’s Right Hand Man. I will definitely be your Best Friend! Hanging around my home and yard with you, I do really well!! Don’t have a lot of other desires or needs. Short walks on leash are OK. Easy to please that way.

I am OK with other dogs and kids, but at this point, would prefer a quiet home life with adults — ‘visitation’ by other family members (human and dogs) is welcomed, under supervision (and trained to approach me with warning — speak to me, put a hand out for me to sniff - you know, the usual stuff)— so I am not startled.

My family loves me and this is a difficult decision for us all, but my well-being is their priority. Sometimes you have to love something enough, to let it go, right? They will be helping to choose my new home and will provide all my records and tell you everything they know about me. They will work with my new people, to make the transition smooth, and be my safety net. It is imperative that I go to a home within driving distance, so we have opportunity to easily meet — maybe a few times, before I go home with you. Please do consider adopting me. I am a good guy, and will do my best to make you happy!

Contact is: Robyn Orloff, 775-240-5142 (call/text), [email protected] She is the liaison between my family and new home and She is asking for the usual rescue stuff: a phone interview, application, vet references, home check, adoption contract, donation to rescue. She’s easy to talk to so please call if you have any questions!!! Thank you for listening!

Good with cats
Good with dogs
Good with young children
Current on vaccinations