Welcome to our sanctuary! It is on our 20-acre property in Stagecoach, Nevada. The sanctuary recently hosted a mama dog with her nine pups (she was scheduled to be euthanized the same day that she delivered!), all of whom have been adopted. Currently there is a German Shepherd who is working on trusting people again and a female pit bull hoping for a home. We have an inhabited caretaker's home on site. We also have a double cattery and two dog cabins. We recently received a donation to buy nine additional cabins so the dog area will be completed by the end of the year if all goes well.

WARF Sanctuary, Artist's Rendering WARF Sanctuary, Artist's Rendering

Currently we have an inhabited caretaker's home on site. We have also completed our first double cattery and two dog cabins.

Multipurpose Building and Caretaker House Multipurpose Building and Caretaker House

Double Cattery Double Cattery
Dog Cabin Puppies!

The feral cattery residents came from various unsafe situations, including a parking lot in Reno and a trailer park where the property owner had been putting poison out. The dogs are at-risk animals pulled from euthanasia lists and brought to the sanctuary to have a safe place to live where we can evaluate and work with them prior to placing them in foster care or permanent homes.

Cattery Cattery

Landscaping has continued including two retaining walls built, decomposed granite spread in multiple areas, interior fences around the camper area installed and the cattery and strength added to the exterior fence. A memorial garden for animals and loved ones is in progress and we now have over 20 trees on the property!

We still have portions of the interior to complete including the office and storage area, the grooming area, a medical suite and an adoption area but that is contingent on securing additional funding.

WARF Sanctuary Work Continues
Sanctuary Garden

Sanctuary Garden
Work continues on the sanctuary!

With help from volunteers, we have made great progress with the multipurpose building including: drywall, painting and beginning tile work, and completing the insulation. Next will be sealing the kennels and floors, building the catios, dog kennels and run and dog play yard.

WARF Sanctuary Work Continues WARF Sanctuary Work Continues
Meet our local wild horses!

If you are interested in helping us save homeless animals of all species, please consider making a donation to our sanctuary fund using the button below.

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